I am Rod Rolle, a Santa Barbara-based Photographer who produces … IMAGES WITH A GLOBAL VIEW IN MIND. This concept represents my commitment to exciting imagery.

Since graduation from Brooks Institute of Photography (Industrial/Scientific Photo Technology, 1986), I have worked hard to develop an eye for capturing the human experience with a sense of style and detail.

A native New Yorker, I have traveled throughout the U.S., Mexico and to various countries in the Caribbean.Since December 1980, I have made California my home.
  My first published work, a shot of a larger-than-life-New York City pothole, was published in the New York News (1975). Since then my work has appeared in domestic and foreign publications such as Time, Business Week (US), Stern (Germany) and Manchete (Brazil). The Getty Images (Liaison Agency and Liaison International) currently distributed my photographs. They have sold my images to over 220 publications in 36 countries.

Some of the recent photo projects include:
The Vatican Advance Technology Telescope, Mt. Graham, Arizona; Blue Laser Breakthrough and Navigational Aid for the Blind Development at UCSB; Area 51 UFO Hot Spot. Past photo stories include, The Los Angeles Riots, the O.J. Simpson Courtroom Trial, the 7 Million-Year-Old Dolphin Fossil and It’s Restoration, the Northridge Earthquake and the Million Man March.